Keep track and share your medical history from prescribed medications entered into the government My Health Record database.

Searching for a particular Medication

  1. Select the Medication icon in the dashboard.
  2. Select the dates to adjust the specific time frame of the issued prescription.
  3. Tap the search icon
  4. Tap the card to read more about a medication.


Sharing your Medication List

A clinician may send a share request, to be able to view your medication list and gain a deeper insight into your medical history. You first need to accept their share request. How do I accept a share request?


Adding Medications

You must connect to My Health Record to add medication. How do I connect to My Health Record?


Utilising your My Health Record information

Click to watch a walkthrough of the specific features (Medicare Services, Medications and Clinical Documents) where your My Health Record information is being used in the app.



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