Clinical Records

A lot of us are guilty of not keeping track of our medical documents Tyde can help.
With Tyde you will be able to share your medical history made up of snapshot summaries of built of documents such as a discharge summary or a pathology report submitted to the government My Health Record database.

Searching for a particular Clinical document

  1. Select the Clinical document icon in the dashboard.
  2. Select the dates to adjust the specific time frame of the issued service.
  3. Tap the search icon.
  4. Tap the card to read more about a Clinical document.

Sharing your Clinical documents

A clinician may send you a share request, to be able to view your Clinical documents and gain a deeper insight into your medical history.
The health professional will only be able to see your data after you accept. How do I accept a share request?

Adding Clinical documents

We will display the Clinical documents linked to your My Health Record so make sure you link your My Health Record to add Clinical documents. How do I connect to My Health Record?

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