How Can I add my Family's My Health Record data to the app

You are here , this means you were able to connect your My Health Record and able to view your details, Now let’s get your family connected in 3 easy steps

1 -  Sign in to myGov and

2 - Select  'Access or create a My Health Record for someone else'.
3 - You may want to have the medicare details handy going through the process

4 - You can still register a child if they're not listed on your Medicare card yet.
Registering a newborn?, use the Newborn Child Claim for Family Assistance and Medicare form, provided to all new parents in the ‘parent pack’.

You can also ask your GP or healthcare provider to help register your child.

Once you have created, accessed and connected all My Health Records for your loved ones, Tyde will automatically reflect their information in the app.


1 - The app will only reflect the linked My Health Records details to your MyGov Account.

Tyde can only display Records of individuals that have been linked to your MyGov account so it is important you follow the above steps.

2 - If My Health Records has not been linked to your MyGov Account Click Here



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