How to make your files private?

With Tyde you have the ability to share your health information with your health provider. You will also have the ability to hide certain health Records that you want to keep private.

To receive your official complete health information, you will need to connect your My Health Record. 
How do I connect to My Health Record?

Note: Making a file private its only hidden from the Tyde health providers you are sharing with. 
The private file functionality affects the way the files are viewed in the Tyde app and does not affect your My Health Record information.


How to make your files private?


You can hide your Records, Medications, Appointments, and Diary entries by tapping the specific card and switching the toggle to from left to right to make it private.



How to manage your private files?

To easily manage your private files tap on your avatar > Settings > Privacy and Security (Private Files)

Inside the private files screen, you view your existing private files and make them visible if you wish to by switching the toggle to the left side.




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