How can I connect to My Health Record

To gain access to your Health Information on Tyde, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Ensure you have a myGov account. If you do not have an account yet click here for a step by step guide to complete this step first
  2. Log into myGov and link your My Health Record as a service

  1. Open Tyde and connect your My Health Record to Tyde

Your step by Step guide to connect your My Health Record to Tyde:

  • When you open the app, you will see the records screen prompting you to connect your My Health Record. Tap Begin

  • If you know your myGov Alpha-Numeric login and password Tap “I know myGov Account Number”. This is the number that myGov sent to you when you first signed up and begins with two letters followed by six numbers (e.g. NQ123456)
  • If you do not know your myGov Alpha-Numeric login or password. Tap “I don’t know MyGov Account Number” and you will be taken through the steps to find your details

  • You will be asked for permission for Tyde to connect with your My Health Record.

  • With your consent, we will then connect you to the myGov website to enable you to link your My Health Record to Tyde.

You will be prompted to enter your Alpha-Numeric login and password.

Once your details have been verified you will be asked to answer the secret question that you set up with myGov.


  • Great you are almost there! All you have to do is click on “Allow” so we can complete the process.


  • This is the last step to connect your My Health Record to Tyde. Tap “Continue” to see your health information in Tyde.


If you need to talk to us for more help, please call 1300 546 126, or contact us online via our helpdesk 


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